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philo man premid pointers

The nature of philosophy is wonder
Author of the work “Insight” is Father Ferriols
Aquinas adopted and popularizes Aristotle’s philosophy
Metaphysics is the foundation subject of all philosophy.
Ethics is concerned with the morality of the human acts.
According to Blondel, philosophy is not to explain life but to help constitute it.
Aristotle was the most brilliant among Greek philosophers.
Philosophy’s real definition is “search for meaning”.
Insight is “seeing more than what meets the eye”.
Corazon Cruz is the author of the sonnet entitled “Claire de Lune”.
In ‘Philosophy in Crisis Situation”, the economic situation, human right abuses and corruption forces the Filipinos to unite and fight for freedom and justice at EDSA
In “Nature of Philosophical Inquiry”, the experience of uncertainty is something positive
The Filipino way of solving problem like tyranny and corruption by means of peaceful and non-violent revolution
Aquinas was considered as an “angelic doctor” in the Middle Ages
Philosophically, subject refers to a person.
Experience would only be possible if both subject & object exists.
Defines as man’s effort to integrate his experience as responsible agent
The medium used by philosophers as critic and as interpreter.
Branch of Philosophy which deals with the theory of knowledge, the goal of which is truth.
He was known with this line “the unexamined life is not worth living”.
How did philosophy started
This mode of philosophical inquiry is concerned with theoretical coherence.
Techniques in handling an insight.
It is an analysis by abstraction.
This mode of philosophical inquiry is concerned with testing theoretical coherence through practical
It is a generally accepted body of regulative meanings and procedures applied to particular circumstances,
to here and now.
This position of Johann in his work “The Nature of Philosophical” is called as such because it views
thematic knowledge as an instrumental function of experience aimed at the latter’s transformation
This position of Johann in his work “The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry” is called as such because the
instrumental conception of knowing , far from implying a veil between us and reality actually enables us
progressively to discern its nature.
This refers to things outside of the self.
It signifies the interactive process itself that is the human self in dynamic relations with the whole range of
the other
Defined as man’s effort to integrate his experience as responsible agent.
The second element of Philosophical search, the person is consumed and cannot afford distractions as he
goes on his search. In turn, what he did is reads, reflects and writes is what to him now the most important thing in life.
The philosopher searches for the meaning of life – its meaning, value, relevance, significance .
Author of the work, Phenomenology and Metaphysics.
This philosopher made used of the term “limit experience” such as of God, life, and death.
The philosophical study of man in relation to the family, the State, and the Church.
The philosophical study of God
The science and art of correct thinking.
The study of inanimate things such as the universe, from the philosophical viewpoint.
It is a philosophical inquiry into man and his dimensions as persons and as existent being in the world:
his dignity, truth, freedom, justice, love, death, his relation with others and with God.
What is meant by “each philosopher is shaped by his own cultural milieu”?
Philosophic tradition is must, so is personal reaction to it.
The second role of philosophy in a crisis situation.
A kind of reflection that has a special role of philosophy in the crisis situation.
It connotes a sort of practical wisdom.
It comes from the Greek word krisis which means “the act or power of distinguishing, of separating,” of
distinguishing the good from the bad, not just concentrating on the bad alone.
What is the theme of the authors’ sonnet “Claire de Lune”?
The following are contemporary philosophers except;
Insightful men made used of their power of intelligence and reflection

Points for Reflection
How did philosophy started?
In what sense to you, is man a homo viator, a traveler?
Compare and contrast Philosophizing and Insight
What do you think is meant by “Each philosopher is shaped by his own cultural milieu”?

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